Answers to Frequency Asked Questions 

Why the safety spout?

The patented Wavian Safety Spout is not the same old EPA certified spout that we all love to hate. This is a new, high-flow, leak-proof spout that prevents spills and is a real pleasure to use. It is legal in the US and certified for use in all 50 states. It also comes with an adapter that allows for compatibility with all fuel intakes. Our fuel cans and nozzles are EPA, CARB, and DOT compliant.

Can I put water in my Wavian Fuel Can?

No. Wavian Fuel Cans are lined with a special internal coating that is meant for contact with fuel and oil only. It is soluble in water and will not only contaminate the water, but it will deteriorate. Fear not, this won't happen with fuel and there are no issues of flaking or dissolving under normal conditions. We offer BPA-free, food-grade plastic water cans for potable water storage and transportation. Note: Fuel contaminated with small amounts of water won't be detrimental to the lining. 

Why won't my lid close?

The lids on Wavian fuel cans are designed to stay upright while being poured. If you tilt the can forward while it is in its resting position, the lid will not fall down onto the top. In order to close the lid, you must gently lift the lid straight up—then it will easily close without resistance. Do not force the lid downward.

Where are Wavian Fuel Cans manufactured?

Wavian Fuel Cans are made in the very same factory that has been producing Steel Jerry Cans for NATO countries since WWI. Originally located in Germany, the cans' manufacturing facility had to move to Latvia during the second world war. They've been made there ever since. These are the original, genuine NATO Jerry Cans.

When will my order ship?

We ship orders within 1-2 business days. We have many shipping options available at checkout. Free shipping, available on orders within the continental US of over $75, will be sent out economically and delivery typically takes about 7-10 business days.

Do you offer emergency service personnel discounts?

Yes! Create an account and notify customer service with a valid photo ID or another form of proof that you're either active duty military, fire, EMS, first-responder, or police and we will send you a special discount code. Thank you for your service.

What do the colors mean?

The five different colors aren't all just about good looks. Fuel and oil cans are color coded to designate their contents. Read more to learn about each color in this blog.

Why is my fuel can red on the inside?

Don't worry! As mentioned above, the fuel cans are lined with a special anti-rust coating which is bright red in color. It will wipe off to the touch and it is water soluble but it will not come off in your fuel. It is important not to put water into your Wavian fuel can, because water will deteriorate that coating.

Do I need to vent my fuel can?

Wavian fuel cans are completely vapor-tight. That means that they are safe to store indoors, but it also means that they will build up pressure during elevation or temperature changes. It is important to occasionally vent your fuel cans while traveling up or down in elevation and when temperatures are rising or dropping.